deux heures en apesanteur (1632)

In the year of our Lord, 1836, Texas, which has known many flags, was under the colours of Mexico. Though his inhabitants were made up of settlers from far countries and all parts of the United States, they were Mexican citizens all.
Generalissimo Santa Anna was sweeping north across Mexico towards them, crushing all who opposed his tyrannical rule. They now faced the decision that all men in all times must face, the eternal choice of men, to endure oppression or to resist.
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John Wayne se livre à une apologie des femmes mexicaines (il en épousa lui-même un certain nombre) et la caméra s’attarde longuement sur les blessés mexicains, leurs souffrances et la tendresse desdites femmes mexicaines. En fin de compte, un film agréable.
Les scènes de bataille sont grandioses.

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