deux heures en apesanteur (1615)

Full of heartfelt sincerity and pointed commentary about America's bloody history of hypocrisy, greed, and racism.
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Granted limitless resources and virtually no oversight thanks to a remarkably indulgent contract, Cimino and his crew were able, over the course of a maddeningly perfectionist shoot that left the director with the reputation of a mad visionary dictator, to create one of the most exciting depictions of the West as a living, sweaty, bloody, sexed-up place that has ever been filmed, while also depicting it in such a consciously constructed way that it manages to feel stylised and remote - a living, breathing world, but not our world at all, as attested to by the geometrically claustrophobic images and the oddball cast (...), however much of an impact they make as psychological presences don't feel like people you could meet walking down the street on a weekend afternoon.

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  1. Deux heures, dites-vous ?
    Non, trois heures et demie de pur bonheur.
    Salut Mister Pop.

  2. Yep, Wyoming Jules.
    Pas du cinoche pour pieds-tendres.