deux heures en apesanteur (1001)

Our story deals with psychoanalysis, the method by which modern science treats the emotional problems of the sane.
The analyst seeks only to induce the patient to talk about his hidden problems, to open the locked doors of his mind.
Once the complexes that have been disturbing the patient are uncovered and interpreted, the illness and confusion disappear... and the devils of unreason are driven from the human soul.
Spellbound may not be the most essential piece of Alfred Hitchcock's career, but it's an excellent film. The gorgeous visuals and technical wizardry on display make it worth viewing on its own and Ingrid Bergman's fantastic performance takes it over the top. It's a great movie, one of the very top of the director's second-tier work.
Daryl Loomis
La Maison du docteur Edwardes brille par le charisme des comédiens et, bien sûr, par la maîtrise hallucinante du cinéaste. Gros plans symboliques d'objets, portes qui s'ouvrent sous la pression d'un baiser, scène fameuse de la lettre glissée sous la porte, tout est admirable et rachète un scénario effectivement tortueux.
Aurélien Ferenczi

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